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Extended Service Plans can help provide protection for your car after the original factory warranty is expired. They can help protect you from expensive vehicle repairs and maintenance on your used car.  At McCarthy’s, we have a wide range of plans to fit your specific needs. We offer competitive pricing and affordable, flexible payment plans. McCarthy’s make it easy to find peace of mind.

How does an extended service plan work?

  1. Customize Your Coverage Plan – Start by getting a free, no-obligation  quote.
  2. You Choose Your Repair Facility – McCarthy’s extended service plans can be used at any licensed repair facility in the United States. Repair facilities include an independent repair facility, national chains, or even a dealer.
  3. Repair Facility Submits A Claim – The repair facility diagnoses the vehicle prior to making repairs and submits a claim for approval.
  4. Claims Are Paid Directly to Repair Facility – Once your claim is approved, your repair facility completes the repair and payment is made by the extended warranty provider’s claims department directly to the repair facility. A deductible may apply.

McCarthy’s Roadside Benefits

Here’s some of the benefits included with select McCarthy Care plans



Trip Interruption Service

McCarthy Care can save you hundreds on car repairs!

Average cost of repairs*

Engine Rebuild / Replacement

Suspension Repair/Replacement

Transmission Rebuild/Replacement

Electrical Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Fuel System Replacement

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