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Cody’s Credit Corner

by Cody Akers, Finance & Insurance Manager, McCarthy’s One of the questions I get asked the most is “how come my credit score has gone down?”  There is no one thing that causes this to happen, and the credit reporting agencies all have their own formulas and algorithms for computing the number, but there are [...]

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200,000 is the new 100,000

It wasn’t too long ago when car owners were compelled to rid themselves of their vehicles before they reached 100k miles—or face massive depreciation or, even worse, own a car that was all worn out and had no value. Nowadays, many people ONLY BUY cars with 100,000 miles plus on them. Why? Because cars are [...]

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Driving Right Side Up

A lot of people may find the themselves driving upside down.  Not physically, of course, but financially.  The average transaction price of a new vehicle is over $33,000 and in order to afford the monthly payment, more and more people are financing these cars for seven, even eight, years.  The result is they are finding [...]

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Luxury Vehicles

I have sold both new and used luxury cars for many years, and I am happy to take on the responsibility of being McCarthy’s Hi-Line expert. From top performing German cars, to quirky English vehicles, to efficient Asian coupes and sedans, to comfortable, plush American rides, let me help guide you to make the right [...]

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Towing and Payloads

My experience in the car business includes many years selling trucks and SUVs that were bought specifically for hauling heavy loads, lots of passengers or towing big trailers. I know the importance of buying enough vehicle for it’s predicted usage.   In the coming months I will use this forum to discuss options available for different [...]

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